Lift, Lower and Leveling Kit Installation

Adding a lifting, lowering or leveling kit to your vehicle gives you the car style, optimizes performance and improves off-road driving. If you are considering a kit, contact one of our experts to help you select the most suitable type and style for your vehicle. Improper installation or an amateur will increase the likelihood of an accident or breakdown. Contact us if you have any questions or make an appointment to review your trip.

Lift Kit

Common types of lifting games:

Lifting spring suspension kits:

As the most common type of elevator, this kit offers a few extra inches of space and larger tires. With this kit, you will maintain control and feel safe driving on the highway.

Shackle suspension lifting kits:

The shackle suspension kits are best for someone who looks "good" but does not intend to drive off the road. This kit is usually the cheapest, but it does not provide the security required for serious OTR users (off road). Lower costs are associated with poorer management and control.

Shackle reverse lift kits:

The reverse lift kits ensure smooth driving in all terrain. Although they are perfect in the forest, backup kits do not provide excellent control over roads.

Suspension rates of the evaluation coil:

Bobbin suspension kits are one of the most expensive options. They are also the best elevators that you can place in a vehicle. You can perform heavy driving off the road while maintaining control of the road. The expenses are incurred in the professional installation.


Leveling Kits

Leveling kits improve the appearance of your car and provide additional security. The vehicle may weigh more front or rear, depending on the type of vehicle or modifications. A vehicle that is not balanced at both ends, not only makes the car less attractive, but also affects maneuverability, suspension and tire wear. Vehicle-specific alignment kits balance the ride weight and create proper alignment. Rate your car today.